Your chance to score free entry at your local zoo this weekend

Do you share a name with a cuddly, feathery or scaly creature? Then we have good news for you.

This Sunday, selected zoos and wildlife sanctuaries around Australia are giving free entry to anyone with an animal surname, to celebrate the launch of the Great Australian Wildlife Book Collection by Discovery and Animal Planet, in conjunction with News Corp Australia.

The collection of 15 books features beautiful imagery of the most interesting and iconic animals from a variety of landscapes across Australia.

“As much as 90 per cent of our native species aren’t found anywhere else, and while you may think you know a lot about them, there’s still so much to learn,” Discovery Australia and New Zealand general manager Rebecca Kent said.

“We hope that through learning more about the diverse wildlife found throughout the country, young Australians will be inspired to take action to protect the future of our animals and environment.”

Fox Sports host and A-League Live enthusiast Adam Peacock is among those lucky Aussies embracing their animal surname this weekend.

“It’s a colourful surname and my daughters are quite taken with it,” he said.

“This weekend is a great opportunity for anyone with an animal surname to explore our fantastic wildlife parks.”

Dr Marissa Parrott, who works at Melbourne Zoo, Werribee Open Range Zoo and Healesville Sanctuary, said that over the years she’s received many comments about her feathery surname.

“If my name can help raise awareness for our conservation work on species, like the critically endangered orange-bellied parrot and swift parrot, then I’m happy,” she said.

“I started studying and working with native animals more than 20 years ago, with the past 14 years fighting extinction for some of our most critically endangered species at Zoos Victoria.

“I felt very proud to work with the team at Zoos Victoria who helped wildlife during and after the fires. Our commitment is to species being safe in the wild and seeing them return home is truly heartwarming.”

Entry is at the discretion of the venue and is only redeemable this Sunday at the following locations:

New South Wales

Featherdale Sydney Wildlife Park


Healesville Sanctuary


Paradise Country


Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary

South Australia

Adelaide Zoo

Monarto Safari Park

Northern Territory

Territory Wildlife Park

Those with an animal surname will need to show identification, such as a driver’s licence, and tickets for Healesville Sanctuary will need to be pre-registered here.

Collect your bonus copy of Iconic Australia and Great Australian Wildlife Collection collector case this Sunday when you buy the paper from participating outlets. There’s a new book each day. See terms and conditions.


Cavallo (horseman)

Roo (nickname for kangaroo)

Fisker (fisherman)

Todd (means fox)

Martin (tree martin)

Hart (male deer)

Pound (animal enclosure)

Loris (nocturnal primate)

Best (derived from beast)

Bullock (young bull)

Vacca (cow in Italian)

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