XXXX Gold, VB, Hahn, Toohey’s

Gone are the days when a humble XXXX was enough to quench your thirst on a steamy Thursday afternoon.

As part of’s Australia’s Favourite, we wanted to find out what truly is our country’s most loved beer.

So far you’ve told us your favourite fast food burger is the Filet-o-Fish, Mountain Dew is the best soft drink, ham and pineapple is the ultimate pizza topping, Tasty Toobs need to return, and that Bondi Beach is by far our most overrated in the country.

And in a result that some readers found “extremely difficult to believe”, Byron Bay’s Stone & Wood Pacific Ale – the Chris Hemsworth of beers, one could say – has been crowned the winner.

The Northern Rivers native beat Coopers Pale Ale by a mere two per cent – scooping up 16 per cent of 27,488 votes.

Described as a “beer with actual taste” by one reader, “a top drop” (though “the cost is a little palatable”) by another, some weren’t as pleased with the result, with one reader writing in the comments below: “Looks like the people from Stone & Wood have been widely voting on this poll. Find it extremely difficult to believe they are the most popular beer in Australia.”

At least, I guess, Victoria Bitter didn’t take the cake – with some calling it the worst beer in the world, and declaring it “Vomit Beer”.

Share your thoughts on your fave beer below and let us know what should be next in our Australia’s Favourite search

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