Woman claims man filmed ID checks

A young woman has told of her frightening encounter with a man who was allegedly videoing while pretending to check IDs in an Adelaide CBD nightclub.

Kyriae Hamence, 23, was out with three friends who attended Sugar on Rundle St about 2.30am on Sunday.

The young woman from Adelaide’s south said the group were met by a man inside the nightclub who asked to check their IDs.

She said it was “suss” because he did not have any form of identification or staff badges and the group had already passed two security guards at the entrance.

“He looked like he was using his phone as a flashlight but I thought it was weird to check IDs again here (down the staircase, inside the venue),” Ms Hamence told NCA NewsWire.

“I looked at his phone and I saw it was recording … and I asked ‘why are you recording?’ and I went to grab his phone and throw it.

“He grabbed my arm then ripped the phone back.”

Ms Hamence said she was “so shocked” she didn’t think to speak to security at the time but also endured a “traumatic” experience prior to the incident at Sugar and “wanted to relax”.

She said she did warn other females who were also entering the club of the man’s alleged doings.

“He only did it to girls and my immediate brain and gut response goes towards break and enter or trafficking,” she said.

“This is very close to ways that they (traffickers) get addresses. How is it not easy for this person, maybe being a scout, and thinking ‘these girls are what we’re looking for or the description I’ve been told to find’.

“He now how has people’s addresses, date of births and their full names. That’s so scary.

“I don’t know how long he was standing there for but even if it was for just 10 minutes, the amount of people that were coming in, it’s very concerning how many addresses he would have.”

Ms Hamence later contacted the venue advising them she had reported the incident to the police.

Sugar owner Driller Jet Armstrong said nobody had reported anything to security that night and his staff were unaware of the incident.

“I have seen a message sent from a girl to Sugar on our message page,” he said.

“I’ve asked her why she didn’t report it to our security standing only a few feet away at the time, which would have been far more appropriate than making a police report days later.

“We had four security guards on at the time.”

SA Police confirmed the incident had been reported.

“Police are investigating,” a SA Police spokesperson said.

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