Winning numbers in Oz Lotto’s $2 million jackpot

The winning numbers in Tuesday’s Oz Lotto draw are 43, 18, 13, 24, 29, 2 and 5 and the supps are 35 and 27.

There were no division ne winners in the draw.

The Oz Lotto jackpot went back to base after one Western Australian player took home the $30 million division one prize in last week’s draw – the first Oz Lotto division one winner of 2021.

In 2020 there were 24 Oz Lotto division one winning entries that collectively took home $234 million in division one prize money.

The Lott spokesperson Lauren Cooney said she was waiting patiently to see if there would be another Oz Lotto jackpot winner this week.

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“Imagine how your plans for 2021 could completely change after becoming a multi-millionaire. It would be a sure way to make sure this year would be an unforgettable one,” she said.

The division one winners in 2020 included three from Queensland, eight from New South Wales, seven from Victoria, five in Western Australia and one from South Australia.

“Who knows where the first Oz Lotto division one winning entry of 2021 will land,” Ms Cooney said.

“If you are keen for the chance to become a division one winner, then you do need to get an entry into the draw.”

She reminded players to register their entry.

“We also recommend you register your entry to a player card. If your numbers are drawn, you’ll want to know you’re a multi-millionaire as soon as possible.

“By registering your entry, your prize is secure and we can contact you with the winning news shortly after the draw,” she added.

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