What bread and milk run looks like for mum-of-16 Jeni Bonell

It’s something we’ve all done – popped to the supermarket saying we just need to “buy a few things”, only to come home with much more than we’ve anticipated.

But for mum-of-16 Jeni Bonell, even just dropping in to the shops for a midweek grocery top-up is super-sized.

The Toowoomba mum has shared a photo of what her small grocery haul looks like and it’s got plenty of other big families saying they can relate.

In a photo shared to Facebook Ms Bonell revealed they had picked up six bottles of 3-litre milk, three loaves of bread as well as potatoes, onions and other fruit and veg.

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“When you just need milk, bread and some fruit and veg,” she captioned the photo.

The post attracted comments from other mums who said the shop “looks like my household” and was what happened to them “every.single.time”.

“My family is the same but there’s only 10 of us here, just a couple of days’ essentials. Love the fresh veggies and fruit,” one person wrote.

“You don’t need to join a gym. So much weight training going on, lifting the milk jugs,” another joked.

Ms Bonell has a YouTube channel and Facebook page where she shows what life with a large family is like.

Ms Bonell usually buys multiples of items such as tinned food or toiletries when they are on sale to save money.

The mum previously told news.com.au the family usually goes through 50 litres of milk a week and had to shop multiple times a week when the coronavirus pandemic meant supermarkets were forced to introduce tough buying restrictions last year.

“If anyone goes out it’s like, ‘Well can you bring home bread, or can you bring home milk or can you get something’ – always check for the toilet paper,” she said in March last year.

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“All these silly things that to me there’s so much more interesting things to do in life than to have to be worried about what’s in your pantry. It just makes life really difficult and quite headache-worthy I think.”

Ms Bonell also revealed how she was shamed by another shopper for buying a large packet of toilet paper.

Sharing the incident on Facebook, Ms Bonell said the woman had accused her of taking too much toilet paper without realising that the mum-of-16 actually needed it.

“It’s wrong that people should be judged when they do go to the grocery store,” she said about the incident.

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