vaccine overdosing incident, doctor stood down

A Queensland doctor has been stood down after giving an incorrect dose of the Pfizer vaccine to two elderly patients.

Health Minister Greg Hunt has revealed an 88-year-old man and 94-year-old woman were given an overdose at Holy Spirit aged care home at Carseldine, Queensland, on Tuesday.

Mr Hunt said both patients were being monitored but had not shown signs of an adverse reaction.

The contractor has now stood down the doctor who administered the dose, after a nurse realised the mistake.

Mr Hunt commended her “strength of character and alertness” saying safeguards they had put in place had worked.

“There was an initial error, there’s no getting around that but … three safeguards immediately kicked into place,” Mr Hunt said.

“Firstly, the nurse on scene responded. Secondly, the company responded, and thirdly, the health care agencies, the co-operation between the Commonwealth and Queensland responded.”

Australia’s chief medical officer Paul Kelly said medical practitioners received the same vaccination training.

“There may be a need for us to modify that going forward but we look at the same training for nurses, Aboriginal health workers as well as doctors, anyone who is involved with this vaccine rollout,” Prof Kelly said.

“We are confident they are good and comprehensive.”

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