US couple who wanted ‘one more kid’ have all-girl quintuplets

A couple who wanted to try for one more baby ended up with all-female quintuplets.

US couple Adam and Danielle Busby were concerned they would never be able to have children after being declared infertile while trying to conceive daughter Blayke.

They’d undergone intra-uterine insemination (IUI) – a process similar to IVF which involves the woman being given fertility drugs before the man’s sperm is injected into her uterus.

After successfully having Blayke, now five, they decided to give the process another shot, The Sun reports.

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They had been warned multiple births was a possibility, but they never dreamt they would end up expecting five babies.

And it’s little wonder, given the odds are 41 million to one.

Prior to giving birth, Danielle embarked on a serious eating regimen, consuming 4500 calories a day to ensure she got enough nutrients.

When Danielle was 28 weeks into the pregnancy, and the foetuses were jostling for space, the medical team decided to deliver the girls.

Adam was by Danielle’s side as the surgeons performed a cesarean section, and Hazel, Ava, Parker, Olivia and Riley were safely delivered.

All were healthy, but weighed under 1kg.

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After bringing the babies home, the couple embarked on a military-style schedule in order to cope with raising their bumper brood.

Danielle and Adam, whose family now star in the US series Outdaughtered, worked 24-7 to keep their babies fed and clean, changing 420 nappies a week and making up to 40 bottles of formula a day.

Adam also took time out from his job in the oil industry, but the Houston couple struggled.

“It was exhausting. Days and nights just ran together,” Adam said.

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“We would have a 45-minute break after feeding, changing and cleaning bottles, and then we’d have to wake them up again.

“It seemed like it never ended. I was delighted to get away to work.”

But while having five brand new babies may have been exhausting, the parents admit it only got tougher once the quintuplets hit their terrible twos.

“They are so full of energy; we are constantly trying to find ways to tire them out,” Danielle said at the time.

The girls are now aged five and have spent the last year cooped up in lockdown.

“All I can really hope for is to keep them busy. If they’re busy enough they’re not going to get bored and aggravated,” Adam said.

Not wanting to take any chances, Adam has now had a vasectomy.

Danielle said: “This is our family. We are blessed and we are complete.”

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission

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