Urgent call for blood donations in NSW, QLD

Australian Red Cross Lifeblood is urging residents of NSW and QLD to donate blood in the lead-up to Australia Day in order to prevent a potential shortage.

With approximately 400 people a day cancelling their appointments to donate across the two states, Lifeblood officials have been forced to think ahead to mitigate the risk of a potential blood shortage.

The organisation is calling for an extra 1300 blood donors a day to come forward – 700 in NSW and 600 in QLD – to fill low bookings and boost blood stocks for patients.

There is no shortage yet but public holiday celebrations such as Australia Day can place higher demands on blood stocks due to an increase in hospital visits.

Lifeblood is asking NSW and QLD residents to book a donation at a Lifeblood Donor Centre between Friday, January 22 and Australia Day inclusive.

“We are asking this to prevent a potential shortage,” Lifeblood spokesman Erin Lagoudakis told NCA NewsWire.

While there are plenty of donors in VIC, donor centres throughout NSW and QLD were experiencing a shortage of bookings combined with cancellations or no-shows on existing appointments.

That is because the idea of blood donations has likely been put on the backburner by Australians who are still on holidays.

“Our concern is based on a combination of blood donations not being top of mind for NSW and QLD residents at the moment and the fact that a component of blood called platelets only lasts for five days, so they can’t be stockpiled.”

To book a donation call 13 14 95, visit lifeblood.com.au or download the free Donate Blood app.

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