The Project’s Tommy Little upsets fans with offensive Carrie Bickmore comment

Tommy Little has copped a lot of backlash over the derogatory and X-rated nickname he mistakenly labelled Carrie Bickmore on Instagram.

The 34-year-old comedian horrified fans after sharing a photo of himself and Carrie, writing in the caption, “Tweedledee and Tweedledumbc**t”.

After receiving heat on the social media platform, Little confirmed he was actually referring to himself when he wrote the crass nickname.

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Little has a playful nature with Bickmore, whom he co-hosts Hit Network’s Carrie and Tommy radio show with, however the joke didn’t sit well with a lot of his fans.

Bickmore’s partner Chris Walker commented on the post: “She’s actually pretty bright.”

“Not going to follow you anymore. Really disappointing that you think it’s ok,” one user wrote.

“Since when has it been ok to use the c word. I bet your mother is real proud.”

“That c word should never be used, it’s degrading,” another user wrote.

“Why use that word?” asked another fan. “It’s already associated with a feeling of (aggression) against women. Really disappointed and sad.”

“So not needed … also so disheartening to see so many making a ‘joke’ that he is referring to Carrie. Not funny at all.”

“But who’s the c**t?” asked one fan, with Little assuring that it was him.

“I’m a double threat,” he quipped.

Little and Bickmore have a long and playful friendship, as co-hosts on their radio show who often share the panel of Channel 10’s news program The Project.

Bickmore has yet to comment on the remark.

Meanwhile, the 40-year-old television personality delighted fans recently, with painfully relatable throwback photos from her teenage years.

In each photo, The Project host has the exact same half-dozed look on her face, but she looks completely different to how she looks now.

Some fans even think she has aged backwards.

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“The 90’s…..when you didn’t get the chance to take a photo multiple times til you got one with your eyes open,” she jokingly captioned the photos.

Lisa Wilkinson wrote, “Or get it in the centre of the shot. So cute.”

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