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I’m doing great thanks for the asking today; we’ve been doing a little bit of a review on the man shake. You haven’t heard of that; it’s like one of that diet you drink; it’s one of those food replacement ones, and I had the box to come in yesterday. It only took four days to come, which was surprisingly fast because aside from Australia’s public holiday. On Monday, you know everything was closed, I’m pretty sure, but we’re going to do a boxing unboxing, as I said. I’ve got this package yesterday morning, but I couldn’t do it yesterday because I had to go to work, and the proper right time now to have it is between breakfast and lunch. So I did wake up early because I did wake up, and I’m low-key exhausted as, but you know you’re got to do what you got to do, and I have not had breakfast for that long literally. I always skip breakfast, but yeah, we’ll get to the unboxing in a second this is the first thing that comes in the box, okay. I got on how to use it, I’m pretty sure and lose the big up that loser who the beer that’s their motto, so there’s buying three get four get the four for free .so you get four for the price of three, so I got banana did its product it’s pretty heavy yeah five stars. It’s yeah so good, it’s good for losing weight, and it’s good I got banana. I got vanilla; I probably get vanilla the first shot, strawberry, yeah strawberry, and last but not least, I got coffee flavor because I have mine coffee.

The Man Shake,Does It Work?

There are a few other different ones like Chuck me and chocolate, but I heard that chocolate isn’t that good, but I might give it a go next time in the case on it .what luck one of these because I’m serious about weight loss and if you guys are serious about weight loss. I probably would recommend trying this because the reviews are pretty outstanding, and it works, but other than that, I’m going to get a shaker cup real quick because I didn’t buy a shaker cup, and I already go on ready. Just because I’ve done a bit of my research, I know what to do the water to about 350 meals because that’s how much water the only one and Rose you for 350 mils of water two scoops of whatever you want then shake it so we might have you know my try vanilla the standard vanilla. I might have banana next for lunch because first drink two a day and have like a usual dinner, you know what I mean by that but these stills always on. If you want to get the boy three and get full for free though parents ever a thing, so if you’re going to give any guy, I’ll let the man shake in the description know what to ship it all, not partnered or anything. I paid full price fizzes, but my God, I can’t smell it, but yeah, if you want to give it a go, I’ll leave you to know the men shake in the description if you’re going to have a squiz at it, but yeah whoa so I was like when. I open up a fresh drink you want to sleep, and there’s a scoop of it somewhere, so I might have to get a fork and look for it this God did say there is a scoop in there somewhere a division and wiggle. It around here like this. I feel it’s so much powder in pretty big scoop methods to put two cups of this in the water. Yeah, enjoy a piece of all this. It’s potentially huge, dude. This is a scheme you have to put in two of them into the shaker cup to invest at the shaker cup eventually but this GPO shaker carpet life. It only gets the job done, but apparently, their shaker cover has like she has done a bottom for like putting like knots in light in if you want to add different flavors. When she looked at it, but I might get one because I’m serious about another stain. Take care of that Hatcher smells pretty lovely vanilla.

So I can’t exactly what’s in this is I know those 25 vitamins and minerals and alder what your body needs, so there’s one scoop yeah we have 25 vitamins and minerals I know there’s like seven and a half grams, and I think it’s Fly Girl proteins one of them there’s heaps of fiber and protein in this. Yes, basically what he needs okay this 15 servings in each one, so there are 15 30 45 60 servings you’re drinking two a day. You’ve lost a month; right, I think I shake this up as much as I can still feel clunky, and I think. I recommend using a blender, but I’m drinking the whole thing any way you like, you know. I’m going to be any way you know small vanilla heaps of vanilla yeah pretty good hmm it is clunky, but you know it’s that’s good pumping on .so like it tastes like a really like a big shake like a big yeah it’ll taste good can’t wait to catch the others. Yeah, but if you did like this you can buy The Man Shake Discount Code , make sure to drop a like on like I said before, later linked into the description below you want to say what’s real and all this if you’re going to get yourself something yeah good luck.

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