St Kilda schoolgirl Kimberley Ametoglou reveals her cancer is back

The woman known as the “St Kilda schoolgirl”, who was involved in one of the biggest controversies to rock the AFL, has been hit with “devastating” news about her health.

Kimberley Ametoglou, formerly Kim Duthie, was just 17 when sports agent Ricky Nixon started an inappropriate relationship with her.

Ms Ametoglou posted semi-nude photos of Nixon in a Melbourne hotel room in 2010, triggering a massive scandal at the St Kilda Football Club.

Nixon fled to London following the incident and lost his accreditation to the AFL Players’ Association.

Ms Ametoglou revealed earlier this year that she would finally be able to tell her side of the story about her involvement in the 2010 scandal, as the nondisclosure agreements she signed had finally lapsed.

“Finally speaking my truth,” she said.

“This is one of the most challenging things I have ever done, reminiscing on past traumas and a time in my life that I was at absolute rock bottom.

“NDA contracts have finally expired now it’s 2021 and it’s my chance to finally close a chapter.”

Ms Ametoglou hopes to release her tell-all book later this year, something she said would help her “finally recover and gain closure”.

In 2015, Ms Ametoglou took Nixon to court in an attempt to stop him releasing his tell-all book.

She eventually lost, with Nixon releasing his book My Side in December 2015, after the Victorian Supreme Court granted him permission.

But Ms Ametoglou has hit a hurdle in her hopes to tell all.

The 27-year-old, who last year revealed she had been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cervical cancer, took to Instagram yesterday to post photos of herself in hospital again.

“Not where I wanted to be today … still in shock but I’m staying positive,” she wrote from her hospital bed yesterday, in clothes ready for surgery.

“I’ve been quiet about this but I’m devastated. When I was under last week during surgery, they found a rare tumour completely unrelated and I have been diagnosed with cancer again.”

Ms Ametoglou was on her way into surgery where a doctor was going to “mark up margins and measure the size of the cancerous mass”.

Ms Ametoglou thanked her 66,000 followers and said she’d “see them all once she’s out”.

The 27-year-old has had a run of bad health since she took to Instagram last year to reveal her cancer diagnosis.

“As most of you know by now I am battling aggressive cervical cancer,” she wrote, in a post from March last year.

“My beautiful parents have set up a GoFundMe page to support me during my treatment.

“I just want to thank everyone for the beautiful calls, messages and comments following yesterday’s news. You are all so selfless and kind hearted with the offers of help I am receiving.

“Honestly taken back (sic) by how much I mean to you all. This is life changing and if I make it out alive I will view the world completely differently.

“There is so much love and compassion out there that gets often blinded by the bad chaos in the world.”

Ms Ametoglou underwent “major surgery” because of her cancer last year.

“That’s a massive thing for me, but hopefully that will mean that I’ll be in full remission,” she said.

“I’m still taking oral chemotherapy but I’ve stopped taking my IV. So hopefully after some radiation and this operation I should be in remission.

“Other than that I’m doing really well mentally and I’ve found really good coping mechanisms to deal with my cancer.”

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