Shane and Deb withdraw after shock injury

Parents Shane and Deb have withdrawn from The Amazing Race Australia due to a shock injury.

Shane unfortunately aggravated a pre-existing injury during a challenge, and needed to call it quits on the competition in Monday night’s episode.

The rest of the racers were left in tears and devastated by their departure.

“We found out that Shane tried to get up in the middle of the night, and his knee was too sore and too inflamed,” said Chris and Alesiha.

“Then Deb was trying to encourage him to get up and give it a try and she had to go and get medical help.”

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The medic had to step in and assess the damage, asking, “How are you feeling Shane? What is the pain out of ten?”

Shane replied, “Ten, and I’m starting to feel sick.”

The medic then had to cut Shane out of the tent as he couldn’t physically stand up.

“Shane’s a tough guy, he’s battled through many things, but we knew this must have been serious when he wasn’t moving,” said Ashleigh and Amanda. “He wasn’t looking in a good way.”

Shane said, “I knew the hanging challenge had taken its toll on my knee. By the time I woke up in the morning I was in that much agony I couldn’t move.”

After being put into a stretcher, Shane called it, deciding that he and his wife Deb had to withdraw from the race.

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This brought out a lot of emotion from the other teams, who broke down in tears over the news.

“I was totally gutted and not just for myself but for Debora too, to take her out of the race,” Shane said.

Both Shane and the other contestants noted that he and Deb were doing exceptionally well in the race, and were frontrunners.

“Mum and dad (are) gone,” cried Ashleigh and Amanda.

Other contestants described them as “genuinely good people” who were “on top of the ladder”.

They were devastated to see them go home.

The Amazing Race continues tomorrow at 7.30pm on 10

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