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Search for Melissa Caddick called off as police divers leave Dover Heights

The search for missing woman Melissa Caddick has been called off in Sydney’s east and police say it is unlikely to ever resume.

Wild weather hampered attempts to find the remains of the woman in water off Dover Heights this week before divers returned to the scene on Friday.

But the search party was called in after scouring 6000 sqm, meaning the mystery of what happened to the infamous conwoman may never be fully resolved.

“Nothing was found (on Friday) and, at this stage, police won’t be conducting further searches in the area,” a NSW Police spokesperson told NCA NewsWire.

Authorities are also unlikely to resume search efforts at other locations.

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Divers had been combing the water below Ms Caddick’s Dover Heights mansion after her decomposed foot and Asics shoe washed ashore 400km away on the south coast three months after she vanished.

Last Friday night, five days after the gruesome discovery of the foot south of Bega at Bournda Beach, walkers found the remains of a torso at Mollymook Beach police initially believed could belong to the woman. But this was later revealed to be Sydney man Kenneth Klees, who vanished on February 1.

Bones and other remains have been found, some linked to animals. None have been connected to the Ms Caddick mystery.

The woman vanished on November 12 last year, just two days after Australian Federal Police and ASIC searched her $7m mansion.

The Asics shoe, matching the description of what she was wearing when the corporate watchdog raided her home in November, was found washed up on the sand and the heavily decomposed remains of her foot were inside.

Ms Caddick is accused of swindling clients, including friends and family, out of millions of dollars through her finance business Maliver Pty Ltd.

It’s alleged she used the cash to fund her lavish lifestyle including luxury ski trips and designer jewellery.

Late last month, the provisional liquidators sifting through Ms Caddick’s affairs revealed the alleged tangled web of lies and fake documents they believe she used to dupe investors before vanishing.

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