Scott Morrison to get Pfizer vaccine

Scott Morrison is preparing to roll up his sleeve and get a coronavirus jab as early next week.

Health authorities will from Monday begin the nation’s largest immunisation program in history when the Pfizer vaccine will be rolled out to the elderly, quarantine and healthcare workers.

The Prime Minister on Friday revealed that he would get the vaccine “very soon”.

“There is no way I can say that more than rolling up my sleeve and getting the vaccination,” Mr Morrison said.

“In the first round I will take the Pfizer vaccine and so will my chief medical officer.

“I’m happy to get it, I think it is important people understand it is safe.”

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Labor leader Anthony Albanese is also expected to get the Pfizer jab next week.

Meanwhile, Health Minister Greg Hunt and premiers will receive the AstraZeneca vaccine, which was this week given the green light from the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Mr Morrison said he was confident that vaccinations would “significantly change” coronavirus restrictions in Australia, including international borders.

However, he said leaders would continue to rely on the science.

Australia is working with other countries to develop a way of verifying if someone has had a coronavirus vaccine that could be shared with airlines.

“What we want is a proper accreditation process which can load up into that system,” Mr Morrison said.

“There’s a fair bit of work to still go there.”

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