Queensland changes driving test, hazard perception, licence requirements

Learner drivers in Queensland will soon have to pass a tricky new hazard perception test before they can drive unsupervised.

From March 28, the Queensland government will be completing an overhaul of the hazard perception test in order to “improve the road safety of some of our most at-risk groups”.

As part of the changes, the quality of the test videos will be improved and will include new computer-generated images.

This new test will replace the hazard perception test drivers currently have to complete to move from their P1 to P2 licence.

Research found this test was more beneficial when completed between the learner and P1 licences.

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Learner drivers will be required to pass the test before upgrading their licence, with learner motorcycle licence holders also required to pass the test.

“The hazard perception test was originally introduced in 2008 and featured real life footage containing hazards. This test has been a useful road safety tool, but it is time to modernise it,” Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads said.

“As part of a national project we’ve created brand new 3D computer generated situations showing hazards in each video.”

The department uploaded a short clip showing drivers what to expect when taking the new test.

It shows a car driving down a street, with drivers asked to identify the hazard and react appropriately. We have included the video at the top of the article.

The majority of the test videos involve situations that are likely to occur at intersections and give way signs.

In another clip, drivers have to choose when it is safe to make a right hand turn across multiple lanes of traffic.

In one of the tests for motorcycle licence holders, the rider is travelling along a road and must identify which car could be a potential hazard.

From July 1, 2021, another set of changes will be introduced for drivers.

After March 28, learner drivers can choose to take the hazard perception test either before or after their practical driving test.

But after July 1, they will need to have passed the hazard perception test before taking the practical driving test.

Before July 1, motorcycle learner drivers that are eligible to take the Q-Ride RE Course or practical riding test, can choose to take the hazard perception test before or after the RE course or practical riding test.

After that date, learner riders will need to pass the hazard perception test before taking the Q-Ride RE Course or RE practical riding test.

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