Police divers search cliffs near Dover Heights | Alds

Police divers search cliffs near Dover Heights

The mystery around how conwoman Melissa Caddick died and how her remains were found on a beach 200km south of her Sydney home continues, with police divers hoping to shed some light on her disappearance today.

NSW Police divers are spending the day searching the cliffs near Ms Caddick’s Dover Heights home, in Sydney’s east.

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Divers are stationed just a few hundred metres from her home with a NSW Police spokesman confirming the search was connected to the millionaire’s disappearance.

The spokesman confirmed divers had been there for a number of hours already, however the weather conditions were not looking favourable.

The divers are potentially facing a long day at the base of the cliffs, with massive seas pounding the rocks below.

Police are hoping to find clues that might help them understand how or if Ms Caddick disappeared or died, with detectives not ruling out her taking her own life in November.

Ms Caddick disappeared from her $7 million mansion on November 12, hours after the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) confirmed she and her financial services business Maliver Pty Ltd were under investigation.

Investigators from ASIC raided her home on the night of November 11, informing her her assets had been frozen and ordering the 49-year-old to hand in her passport the next morning.

Ms Caddick was accused of conning her friends and family out of more than $20 million through her fraudulent business when she disappeared in November.

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Police last week revealed a shoe, with human remains inside it, found on a remote NSW beach was DNA-matched to Ms Caddick.

The shoe and foot were found on Bourna Beach, on the NSW south coast near Tathra, on February 21 by three teenage boys.

“(The foot) had been in the water for some time. Scientists were able to extract DNA from the foot and match it to a sample of DNA that we had already obtained from a toothbrush belonging to Melissa from her relatives,” Assistant Commissioner Willing told reporters.

“Police have always kept an open mind in relation to what the circumstances were for her disappearance, including the fact that Melissa may have taken her own life,” he said.

The discovery of the foot triggered a number of new discoveries along NSW’s beaches.

Human flesh found at Mollymook Beach, on NSW’s south coast, on Friday, was tested and found to be from an unknown male.

And on Saturday, two bones were discovered at Tura Beach near Merimbula, just a few kilometres from where Ms Caddick’s shoe was located, but they were determined to have come from an animal.

Other remains found at Cunjurong Point on Saturday and Warrain Beach, near Culburra, on Sunday, are undergoing testing.


February 21 – Asics runner with decomposed foot found on Bournda Beach, later confirmed to belong to Ms Caddick.

February 26 – Remains of what appears to be a human torso, including a belly button, wash up on Mollymook Beach. They are later confirmed to belong to a human male, identity unknown.

February 27 – Two bones found on Tura Beach, just a few kilometres north of where Ms Caddick’s shoe was found. Forensic testing concludes they are animal bones.

February 27 – More remains found north of Cunjurong Point. Testing under way to work out if they belong to a human or animal.

February 28 – More remains found at Warrain Beach, near Culburra on the south coast. Testing to determine if they are human or animal.

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