Parents Bob and Angeline Walker turn on each other

Wife Swap Australia couldn’t have chosen more polar opposite families for their premiere episode on Thursday night.

The Gold Coast Duncan family are cashed up and driven by structure. Their six children go to private school and are often trained by their fitness freak mother Tenille and drill sergeant dad Rip.

School is incredibly important to the family, who follow a strict routine for excellence.

The Walker parents, who are from country NSW, live on a bus with their eight children.

Angeline and Bob are nomads who do not believe in structure or school. In fact, they believe in “unschooling”.

“Unschooling is the philosophy of letting the children learn about what they are passionate about,” says wife Angeline.

“We moved into the bus because we didn’t like the life of structure and work and school and wanted more adventure and family time.”

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While Angeline was taken out of her comfort zone to live in a spacious, modern mansion, nothing could have prepared Tenille for the incredibly squashed bus the Walker family call home.

“How do they have sex?!” Tenille asks the camera, noting that their eldest son sleeps in a bed right below his parents.

But their sleeping arrangement wasn’t the worst thing that came to Tenille’s attention — having to reuse dirty water in the tiny washing machine to “clean” the clothes was a normal occurance.

“Kids deserve to have access to a bath,” says Tenille.

When it was time for Angeline and Tenille to finally lay down the law, Tenille was quick to set up a schoolroom for the Walker children. Some of the children didn’t know how to count or even label colours.

Tenille was also determined to get Bob making some real money, pushing him to do something with his passion and talent for photography.

As for Angeline, she was quick to nix the family martial arts sessions and implemented her way of schooling, which basically meant no school at all.

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When the parents came together after the week for “Judgement Day”, everything kicked off.

“Big house … did my head in after two days,” said Angeline. “No way would I want your life.”

“I couldn’t get my mind around unschooling,” Tenille said.

Interestingly, Bob seemed to be on Tenille’s side with the schooling. “They actually all enjoyed it,” said Bob, talking about Tenille’s school room set-up.

Angeline was not impressed.

“It is not a black and white thing,” he snipped, cutting Angeline as she protested.

“Who’s talking?” she snapped back.

“I personally would like to see changes, especially with the basics like reading and learning maths,” Bob continued.

“I don’t think I’m keen on that actually,” said Angeline.

“I think we need to sit down and have a chat,” Bob replied.

“No, I don’t,” Angeline concluded.

After some passive aggressive comments between Angeline and Tenille, Bob added: “I’m the one who has found this really hard because I don’t want my kids to be one of those people that can’t spell because it upset me.”

“Whatever, not concerned,” Angeline added.

Returning home, the issues between Bob and Angeline continued.

“If they want to do school that’s fine but that’s not what we’re about,” said Angeline.

“No, no, no, that’s what you’re not about, because I am kind of about that,” Bob returned.

“That’s okay, you can have your 2 cents. I’ll have my 5 cents,” Angeline added.

“It’s actually not okay. I want to have more of a say with my kids,” Bob continued.

“Unschooling for us is not really doing anything and I don’t agree with that. How is that going to get them a job?” he added.

Back at their bus, the majority of their children agree that they would like some sort of schooling, and it doesn’t sit well with Angeline who snaps at her eldest son Auron.

“It’s falling on deaf ears,” Auron tells Bob.

At the end of it all, education remained a contentious issue for the family, but one plus was that Angeline bought a new washing machine, and Bob had created a business plan for his photography website.

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