OnBuy study reveals dogs’ favourite word is ‘walkies’

If your dog gets over excited when you mention the word “walk”, you’re not alone.

The phrase “walkies” is the most likely to get your four-legged friend’s heart-rate up.

A three-month study by researchers at OnBuy found a dog’s heart-rate increased by 36 per cent on average when the word was mentioned.

And there are several other words or phrases likely to provoke a similar response from your furry companion.

The words “dinner”, “food” and “eat” raised a dog’s heart rate to about 152bpm, up 32 per cent from their resting rate.

“Treat” is also a favourite among canines.

Other words dogs love include “get it”, which increased heart rate to 150bpm, “fetch” (147bpm), “toy” (144bpm) and “good boy or girl” (139bpm).

The five breeds of dog most likely to get excited by “happy” commands are french bulldogs, beagles, rottweilers, labrador retrievers, and dachshunds.

International study authors surveyed more than 4000 pet owners to determine which words dogs react to the most. They identified the most common responses before monitoring 60 pooches’ – of varying breeds, sizes and ages – heart rate when each of the phrases was mentioned.


Walkies – 156

Dinner, food, eat – 152

Treat – 151

Get it – 150

Fetch – 147

Toy, Get your toy- 144

Good boy, girl – 139

What’s that? – 135

Their name – 128

Find it – 124

Biscuit – 119

Paw – 117

Come on then -110

Speak – 105

Roll over – 102

Shall we go home? – 100

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