Mum slammed for ranking her favourite children on TikTok| Video

It’s a question kids often ask their parents — in the hopes it will give them some dirt to use against a sibling.

However, it’s unlikely they will get an answer, with the most common response being, “I love you all equally.”

Now one mother has sparked a huge online debate after she shared a video secretly pointing out her “favourite” child.

In the TikTok clip, US-based Olivia Smith, a mum of three, is seen snuggling up to her youngest child Hudson, before asking fellow parents which of their children they like the most.

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“Tell me you have a favourite child without telling me you have a favourite child,” she says in the video.

“I’m not gonna go first because I definitely don’t have a favourite child at the moment,” she adds while zooming in on her boy. “Out of the three kids I have, I don’t have a favourite …”

Hudson then interrupts her to say, “I love you Mama,” to which Olivia gushes, “I love you baby.”

Then, giving a cheeky grin to the camera, she says again: “I definitely don’t have a favourite.”

However, despite making it clear that she was “joking of course”, it still left many angered with some saying it’s “so wrong”.

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“This is wrong in so many levels … whether (it) is a joke or not that kid knows he’s the favourite and will have that in his head,” one woman wrote.

“Even as a joke this is messed up,” another person said.

“This don’t sit right with me,” a third person added.

Some asked if she was “afraid” her other two children will see the video.

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But after the backlash, Olivia was forced to respond to some of the users, reiterating it was “just a joke”.

“For the LOVE … give it a rest Judith!” she said to one woman.

“We’re joking over here.”

Not everyone took it seriously, with plenty of users backing the mother of three.

“He’s so adorable. People these days be getting pressed on everything,” one mum wrote.

“My favourite child is which ever one speaks to me less,” another mum joked, to which Olivia sarcastically responded: “You can’t say that on the internet … people will be triggered!”

Others used the platform to share their experiences, with one woman saying: “Growing up and even now, my mum made it clear that my brother (out of four of us) was/is her favourite. It didn’t bother me at all. It just is what it is.”

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