Mindy Kaling responds to criticism of her Scooby Doo casting

Mindy Kaling has issued a brilliant serve to a troll who sledged her casting in an upcoming Scooby Doo remake.

In a since-deleted tweet, the social media user posted a popular GIF from The Office of Steve Carell as Michael Scott, screaming “No! Please god no!” in response to the news.

Without missing a beat, Kaling – who also starred in The Office, also serving as a writer, executive producer, and directoron the show – reposted the scathing reaction along with the caption: “I wrote the episode of The Office this gif is from.”

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Fans couldn’t get enough of the flex, applauding the star for calling out the hater.

“This might be the best own I’ve seen on this website,” one wrote.

“Chef’s kiss,” another said.

“Hi, 911, I’d like to report a murder,” one more quipped.

Others weren’t so impressed by her sassy response, with one following writing: “It’s always fun to see celebs punch down when mildly criticised.”

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Announced today, the 41-year-old actor is set to voice Scooby Doo’s Velma Dinkley in an upcoming adult animated series for HBO Max.

The stand-alone series, titled Velma, will serve as the ‘origin story’ for the Mystery Inc. gang’s designated brainiac, reports Variety.

Kaling, who is also currently penning the script for the long-awaited Legally Blonde 3, will also executive produce Velma, alongside Charlie Grandy, Howard Klein and Sam Register.

The star is no stranger to causing a stir on social media, having recently come under fire for what many thought was a lie about a comment her daughter made during the Biden/Harris Inauguration last month.

Sharing a sweet update about her three-year-old daughter Katherine watching new Vice President Kamala Harris being sworn in, Kaling captioned a photo of her daughter: “She said, ‘Is that mummy? It looks like mummy.’ Best compliment I ever got! It matters.”

Many believed it was the latest in a long-running trend of people online attributing wise-beyond-their-years, poetic remarks to their young children.

Kaling later changed the caption to clarify that she was “at work” but “apparently” that’s what her daughter said.

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