The rumours are true – McDonald’s Australia has just released an all-new McFlurry flavour and Kiwis are about to get very, very excited.

For the first time ever, Aussies can get their hands on cult New Zealand biscuit brand, Cookie Time, in delicious McFlurry collaboration.

It comes after Macca’s teased customers yesterday, announcing “something big is coming”.

“Before you say bubblegum, this is a McFlurry collaboration Australia’s never seen before – one for all our Kiwi friends!” it said in a Facebook post.

Social media users and ice cream fiends alike argued the biscuit crumbs around the blacked-out McFlurry cup’s base and a furry red paw reaching into the image could only signal one thing — Cookie Time.

And they were spot on.

The all-new McFlurry is a flavour will only be available on McDelivery via Uber Eats for the first week.

However, from March 3, customers will then be able to get the Cookie Time McFlurry from all Australian Macca’s restaurants nationwide.

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The McFlurry features the Macca’s classic soft serve mixed with crumbly choc chunk Cookie Time pieces, swirled with delicious hot fudge topping.

If you haven’t had a Cookie Time before, they’re hail from Christchurch with the company founded in 1983.

While we’ve never been blessed by the combination, McDonald’s in New Zealand released a Cookie Time McFlurry back in 2018, featuring Cookie Time Chocolate Chunk Cookie Crumbs paired with McDonald’s caramel sauce and soft serve.

Aussie fans were particularly excited about the thought of the combo, with one social media user joking: “Guess I’m getting fat again, if it’s Cookie Time cookies”.

“OMG sis catch me at Macca’s daily,” another added.

The Cookie Time McFlurry is $5.30.

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