Mason jar company rejects ‘communist’ China

An Australian mason jar company has issued a public notice to its customers declaring it will no longer source products from “Communist China”.

Ballmason, based in the town of Kempsey, NSW, told customers via email all mason jar products would only be sourced from Australian, US and European producers going forward.

“As a company we have made a business decision to stock Australian products by preference and where these are not available, European and USA made products,” the company said.

“We are phasing out as many Communist Chinese made products as we can where a quality alternative is available.

“Those Chinese made products we do stock are typically made under licence by an Australian, European or USA owned business.”

The move by the small business comes amid a trade rift between Australia and China, spurred on by Australia’s leading role in calling for a global probe into the origin of the coronavirus.

The spat has seen China place a number of trade sanctions on Australian exports, including import tariffs on wine, agriculture and materials.

In the email renouncing China, the Kempsey-based Mason jar company also noted the COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted the global supply of mason jars, with lead times for purchases being pushed out to almost six months.

The company said its stock of jars, which are popular with pickle preservers and younger demographics using the jars as drinking vessels, was also hit hard by last year’s summer bushfire season.

“Realistically we don‘t think we will have Ball jars within the first half of 2021,” the company said.

“There is no end to this crisis and it is affecting many US suppliers in our field.”

Ballmason also confirmed its wholesale site has been closed indefinitely due to low stock volumes.

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