Man makes Reddit’s Trashy for sucking girlfriend’s toes at bar

There are plenty of interesting things that can happen while out at a bar, but this may just top the list.

A man was sitting on a stool at a bar in New Orleans when he proceeded to suck the toes of a woman sitting directly across from him.

In the video, which was uploaded to social media platform Reddit, the US man can be seen seductively licking the woman’s toes as onlookers watched on in shock.

In the unusual act, the man leans back in his chair while clutching the mystery woman’s foot in his hands.

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The woman appears to be enjoying the act as she drapes her legs over his lap and sways to the music.

She was wearing a black boot on one foot, with the other bare and in his hands.

The pair seem unphased by the crowd’s reaction, including two bartenders who watch on in disbelief.

Despite it being dark and moody, another patron managed to record the act and upload it to social media.

“This isn’t trashy, this is straight up nasty!” one Reddit user responded.

“Oh, that’s greasy,” said another.

“That’s not your bedroom and nobody is impressed. Especially wasting space at the bar with your nastiness.,” a third person commented.

“No no no … as a bartender myself, this is a horrifying situation,” one woman wrote.

“It’s NOT OK in public due to the assumed sexual behaviour – I’m guessing she’s not getting a quick foot bath – but, ughhh it’s not illegal or against the rules (she would have to put that shoe back on her mf foot to get service from me tho) and I wouldn’t be able to kick them out unless multiple guests request it … ugh I would legit bleach my bar after they left tho.”

But not all were “disgusted” by the public display of affection, with one person describing it as “hot”.

“Am I the only one who thinks this is hot,” they wrote.

“That’s pretty hot in an unsanitary kind of way,” another responded.

Otherwise, the general consensus was simply, “no”.

“So freaking gross,” one person summed up.

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