Kyle Sandilands wants Kyle and Jackie O Show networked Australia-wide

Kyle Sandilands wants his radio show with Jackie O to be broadcast around Australia every morning in a move that would see local breakfast shows in cities including Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide scrapped.

Kyle and Jackie O host the number one FM breakfast show in Sydney on KIIS FM which is owned by ARN.

The company also owns KIIS 101.1 in Melbourne, 97.3FM in Brisbane, Mix 102.3 in Adelaide, 96FM in Perth and Mix 106.3 in Canberra.

Speaking exclusively to, Kyle explained why he thinks it makes sense to ditch the local ARN breakfast shows in each city and have The Kyle and Jackie O Show broadcast from 6-10am instead.

“Why wouldn’t you network this breakfast show?” Kyle said. “I think whoever is running the whole joint here mustn’t be the full quid if they don’t realise: You’re paying a lot of money, the show’s clearly number one, way out in front of everyone else. So if I was running it, it would be a different story.”

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Networking his breakfast show Australia-wide isn’t the only thing Kyle wants – he also wants to broadcast the radio show on TV as an alternative to Today and Sunrise.

“We film this show all day, everything we say they film, and they waste it by putting these dumbass snackables on TikTok or whatever that sh*t is,” Kyle told “You should be able to watch this show on your phone in the train or wherever, not just hear it.

“We’d squash the Today show and Sunrise,” he continued. “Karl’s (Stefanovic) quaking in his boots right now. Karl’s actually said, ‘Please, please don’t start filming the show.’

“What are you going to watch? Some people in here nude picking out their bodily faults (a reference to their ‘Naked Hating’ segment), or go over to the Today show where Karl is and the vet’s teaching you how to cut your dog’s fingernails? No one cares about that rubbish,” Kyle said.

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But wait, there’s more. Kyle also wants to turn the KIIS FM website into a leading news site.

“I also think our website should be as big as any of the newspaper sites,” he told “We’ve got a whole newsroom over there and they come on and talk for 60 seconds and they all go home, the news just sits in the bin. Put it on the f***ing website!

“That’s where I’d like to take the show,” he continued. “Everything, not just radio … I’m trying to take all other media over.”

Kyle and Jackie O, who are reportedly paid between $7-8 million each year, are currently contracted to KIIS FM until the end of 2024.

And the pair told they’re keen to stay at the station after that.

“We’re happy here for sure,” Jackie O said.

“Well, happy-ish,” Kyle added. “I could be happier. If they just did everything I said instead of most things I said.

“It’s the little things I really want, like national presence,” Kyle continued. “Filming the radio show like a television show, all things I think we’re capable of doing, but the morons in charge, they haven’t done anything.”

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