Kids love Aussie mum’s ‘can’t be bothered cooking’ dinner

The thought of having to cook most nights can become a tedious and tiresome task, which is why this mum has been praised for her relatable dinner snap.

In a post she shared to Facebook, the Aussie mum shared her go-to “can’t be bothered cooking” meal for her kids – and fellow parents couldn’t sympathise more.

The plate is divided into three compartments which includes leftover dim sums, corn, shredded cheese, grapes and banana.

The mum said she puts together a “pick plate” when she doesn’t want to spend hours slaving in the kitchen.

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Hundreds of mums have since responded to her post admitting they also do the same.

“My son had peas and corn, homemade sausage rolls and homemade chips. It was a can’t be bothered dinner here too,” one woman wrote in the group Mums Who Cook & Bake.

“That’s a nightly thing for my three-year-old and one-year-old,” another mum said, while a third added that her son’s favourite dinner is “freezer dive night”.

“It’s not often so they rejoice when it happens – often they find some nuggets, stray fries and dumplings,” she said.

Others commended the mum for the “amazing idea”.

“It has fruit, vegetable, dairy and possibly some form of protein in that dim sim. It’s a balanced meal,” one woman wrote.

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Another parent shared a photo of her son’s “pick plate” dinner which included chopped cucumber and tomato, chicken nuggets, chips, peas and corn.

“As long as they eat it and it has some nutrients I don’t mind,” one woman responded.

When one mother admitted that she sometimes feeds her two-year-old toast for dinner, adding that “food is food”, others agreed, sharing their nightly battles.

“My five-year-old has cheese, bacon and apple nearly every freaking night. It’s all we can get her to eat. I’m with you, food’s food.”

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But if you think trying to get one child to eat can be hectic, try eight.

In a recent YouTube video that has already clocked nearly a million views, Chloe Dunstan, 27, of Perth, shared a glimpse into her family’s hectic night-time schedule – including the go-to meals she makes her kids.

While she begins her dinner prep, and her twin babies are asleep, her other children between the ages of five and eight are tasked with tidying up the play area.

On this occasion, Chloe makes pasta for dinner, along with eggplant, zucchini, baby spinach, diced tomato, onion, pasta sauce and textured vegetable protein (TVP) as a meat replacement.

She opts for quick and easy meal solutions that are simple to make, but also nutritious, she says.

She explained that it all comes down to “teamwork” in her household.

“It can be a lot with a career, home schooling and homework, but we manage it well together and doing all of this means we can maximise family time, which is really important to us.”

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