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KFC adds $7.95 Zinger Tower Burger Double to secret menu

Just days after announcing the return of the “mighty” Tower Burger, KFC has unveiled a new “secret menu” item which takes the iconic chicken sandwich to new heights.

The Zinger Tower Double replaces the traditional burger buns with two spicy fried chicken fillets while keeping the crispy hash brown synonymous with the Tower Burger in the middle.

Priced at $7.95, the dish also features a tangy tomato sauce and a slice of cheese as well as mayo and fresh lettuce.

“The Colonel has doubled down on treating his fans and has taken the iconic Tower Burger to the next level with the Zinger Tower Double,” Kristi Woolrych, KFC Australia’s chief marketing officer, said.

Diners who are keen to taste the “next level” burger will have to order it using the KFC app.

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To access the secret menu you have to select your nearest store, tap “order” and when the menu appears, drag the screen down.

Colonel Sanders will then appear in cartoon form, where you’ll need to hold the screen for 11 seconds until the “Secret Menu” pops up.

The Tower Burger returned to the fried chicken restaurant chain this week after three years of tireless campaigning when it disappeared back in 2018.

KFC’s announcement the burger was coming back for a limited-time was met with a flurry of excitement.

“Woop! Hot dam! I can’t say thank you enough @kfcaustralia,” one person wrote on Instagram.

“Just had one yummy,” another said.

“Omg omg it’s back,” a third person added with great excitement.

The legendary burger has an Original Recipe fillet coated in the Colonel’s secret 11 herbs and spices stacked with a crispy hash brown, sandwiched between two buns.

It also comes with a classic cheese slice, tangy tomato sauce, mayo and fresh lettuce.

For those who are after a bit more of a kick, you can also swap out the Original Recipe fillet for a Zinger fillet for some extra spice.

“Fans across the country have been vocal in calling for its return, so we know they’ll be eager to get their hands on it while they can,” Kristi Woolrych, chief marketing officer at KFC Australia said Tuesday.

The burger is available until Monday, March 22 from participating KFC restaurants nationwide

“But don’t leave it too late because it’s here for a good time, not a long time,” Ms Woolrych said.

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