Keith Urban releases sleep song I Am Home via the Calm app

It was sleepless nights that gave Keith Urban the inspiration he needed to write his latest song.

The country music singer has revealed his struggles to get quality shut eye wreaked havoc on his singing voice in the past, leaving him passionate about the topic.

Now the Australian musician has released a 1-hour long track, I Am Home, on meditation and relaxation app Calm, that’s specifically composed to help listeners nod off.

“Sleep is so important as a singer. It was definitely a time when I wasn’t getting enough of it but I was definitely paying the price for that, losing my voice a lot, so I learnt pretty quick,” he said.

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Today Urban, who shares two daughters with wife Nicole Kidman, makes sure he prioritises a good night’s rest.

“Fitting sleep into my life is important to me: mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally. Everything health, everything about it, (it’s) super important,” he said.

While Urban had never written a song about sleep before he was “up for the challenge”, focusing on musical elements he favoured when he needed to rest.

It resulted in a track that features “dreamy, ethereal vocals and winding guitar” which aim to soothe listeners into rest.

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“Without having to focus on guitar riffs, a hit chorus, or a three-minute time frame, I approached the song from a vibratory place – the key and tempo, speed of the chord changes,” Urban said.

“I just went with what I felt flowed and what I would want if I wanted to bring my energy down.”

Urban is the third Calm Original song to feature on the app, which has been downloaded 100 million times globally.

He also joins other celebrities including Matthew McConaughey, Harry Styles and Kelly Rowland who have lent their voices to Calm’s mindfulness content.

I Am Home is available to stream now via the Calm app

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