House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been holding her weekly media conference, where she obviously addressed the impeachment trial.

First, she announced a push to give Capitol Police officers who protected Congress on January 6 a prestigious honour.

“I am introducing legislation to pay tribute to the Capitol Police and other law enforcement personnel who protected the Capitol by giving them a Congressional Gold Medal, the highest honour that Congress can bestow,” Ms Pelosi said.

I can’t imagine there being much opposition to that idea.

Amid the hours of evidence yesterday, we saw new security camera footage from the Capitol which showed, in even more detail, the acts of heroism from law enforcement.

Ms Pelosi also spoke about the Trump defence team’s argument that the trial is unconstitutional because he is no longer president.

“We were ready. They said ‘no’. It’s a little disingenuous,” she said.

She pointed out that the House of Representatives passed the article of impeachment on January 13, a week before Donald Trump left office. Republican Senator Mitch McConnell, who was majority leader at the time, declined to recall the chamber for an emergency session to hold the trial before Joe Biden’s inauguration.

Her argument, essentially, is this: the Senate could have tried Mr Trump when he was still in office, but the Republicans stopped that from happening. Now they’re using the delay they themselves caused as an excuse to acquit him.

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