How to clean the hidden part of your shower you’ve forgotten

A professional Melbourne cleaner has taken to TikTok to reveal the most common area people neglect when giving their bathroom a good scrub.

If you guessed the “strip” along the shower door, you would be correct.

Upon removing it, you may be confronted with a nasty discovery – excess amounts of gunk.

Kacie, who goes by the handle @thebigcleanco, posted a clip to her profile sharing tips on how to remove and clean it.

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“Here’s a little something you might be neglecting when you clean your shower,” she begins the video. “There is a plastic strip at the bottom (of your shower).

“Yes, it does come off,” she confirmed.

Kacie explained that you may need to apply some pressure if you’ve never removed the strip before, but once it’s off you can “clean it, soak it and brush it”.

It then slides back on.

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“If it’s beyond cleaning, just replace it (with a new strip),” she recommended.

Her handy cleaning tip has been viewed almost half a million times with some people baffled that the strip actually comes off.

“Didn’t even know it came off. Thank you,” one grateful person commented.

“IT COMES OFF? Life changing. Thank you,” another shocked social media user wrote.

“I’m going to pretend like I didn’t see this so I don’t have to do it,” another person joked.

Others were baffled so many people were unaware it could be removed.

“How do people not know this. Even I know this,” one woman wrote.

“Actually did this today. Surprised not many know it comes off,” added another.

One woman said she puts bleach in a bottle and sprays it directly into “that tiny, tiny hole that nothing fits in”.

“I let it sit. Comes up clean,” the woman continued.

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For those whose “strip” is beyond repair, Kacie pointed users to Bunnings, who sell the shower seal strip from $5.

“I never knew this came off, you learn something new every day,” another person wrote.

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