Heatwave hits Rockhampton, Bundaberg, Gatton

Southeast Queensland has been treated to a late night lightning show as the state swelters through one last summer heatwave.

While only 18mm fell in Brisbane overnight, lightning lit up the sky around 11pm, captured by Twitter users, some of whom were woken by the storm.

The most rainfall was recorded in Goonburra, south of Toowoomba, measuring 34mm. Eagle Farm, near Brisbane Airport, received 18mm in the overnight dump.

It followed a record-breaking day in Queensland, with Rockhampton sweltering through its hottest February day since 1969, recording 41.4C, nine degrees above average.

Bundaberg hit 38.6C, well above the 30C average. Gatton, west of Brisbane, recorded 40.4C, nine degrees above average.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster James Thompson said a low pressure system over the Tasman Sea was to blame for the heatwave.

“That was dragging hot air from Central Australia across into eastern Queensland over the last few days, which is why we’ve seen heatwave conditions,” he said.

“We’re looking at another warm day across large parts of Queensland on Tuesday. Starting to ease off through tomorrow along eastern Queensland.

“The state will have cooled down by Thursday.”

Mr Thompson said there was a “chance” of more storms on Tuesday afternoon, more likely through the Darling Downs and western parts of the southeast.

“There is definitely a chance the storm could get to the coast today, but whether it will hit Brisbane is tricky to say,” he said.

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