Finance influencer confused by vicious trolling over Twitter post

A finance influencer who was brutally trolled for sharing some of his accomplishments on Twitter says he’s “confused” by the thousands of personal attacks.

A recent post from investor Kolin Hayes, 22, on his DecadeInvestor account attracted more than 3000 quoted tweets and 500 comments. Twitter users mocked his appearance and claimed his post was trying to “bring shame onto others”.

One high profile author and journalist implied Mr Hayes would eventually “slide into smack addiction”.

People also mocked Mr Hayes for being “ratioed” – when a tweet receives a greater ratio of negative feedback than it does likes.

Mr Hayes 22, from Missouri in the US, told via Zoom he was trying to share a “highlight reel” of achievements. He said he didn’t understand the volume and personal nature of the attacks.

The hobby investor uses social media and his website to destigmatise talking about money and finance, because he believes the information “helps everybody”.

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Singer Emma Blackery said Mr Hayes post was “designed to bring nothing but shame onto others”.

“If you’re younger than him, you’ll feel like you’re not moving fast enough. If you’re older, you’ll feel like you’ve missed the boat,” she said.

“It’s bullsh*t. Don’t listen to this cr*p. We’re all moving at our own pace.”

Mr Hayes said he’s been using Twitter for some time but mostly moves in a bubble of “Money Twitter” – where users discuss finance. He said he’d “hadn’t got that kind of negativity, to that magnitude” ever before.

“Social media in general has a lot of negativity, and when people say social media is bad, this is a good example of why.”

He said when high profile Twitter users chimed in, the post “started blowing up”. He said this added “fuel to the fire”.

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“People are able to say this and that, without any ramifications,” he said.

“It turned into people attacking me. I know it’s mostly trolls and just joining in (mob mentality).”

Mr Hayes said he understands that what he said could have been construed as being “condescending or boastful” but it wasn’t his intention and is not the tone of his social media posts.

“I definitely understand it could have come off as bragging. But that’s not what I do every day on my podcast and website. I think people can see that.

“People say social media is a highlight reel – but I’m not allowed to share my highlight reel? That’s why I’m confused.”

He said finance can be a “touchy subject for some people and maybe that’s why they got upset”.

“In America, talking about money isn’t done, it’s kept hush-hush.”

Mr Hayes said people can feel “insecure about their own finances so they push (that insecurity) onto other people.

“But when you’re open about (money) it helps everybody.”

He said his social media pages have helped numerous people find information about investing, budgeting and making financial decisions.

“I created a social media page to teach people about compound interest, and what I’ve learned over the last five years,” Mr Hayes said.

He said he felt like it would be “morally wrong” not to give back his knowledge, and said talking about money can help empower people.

“People are yearning for information,” Mr Hayes added.

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