Fake Kyle Sandilands obituary leaves Jackie O in tears

Jackie O burst into tears when a radio segment with the co-hosts of Studio 10 “didn’t quite go to plan”.

Sarah Harris and Tristan MacManus joined Kyle and Jackie O in studio this morning. They brought up and incident from earlier in the week when Kyle failed to rock up for work and wasn’t answering his phone.

KIIS FM management were so concerned they rushed a staff member to Kyle’s house to check on him, only to discover he had simply slept in.

The drama prompted Kyle to wonder if any TV networks or news organisations had obituary packages ready to go in the event of his death.

This morning Harris and MacManus revealed how they would have covered it if Kyle had actually died earlier in the week.

Kicking things off, Harris said: “Devastating news coming out of the radio industry. King of the microphone, Kyle Sandilands, has taken his last breath”.

A package voiced by Network Ten entertainment editor Angela Bishop then played, accompanied by sad music.

“He was a true legend of Australian radio,” Bishop said in the package. “He was known for controversy but the broadcaster also had a warm heart, providing a home for more than 100 rescue animals.”

As the fake obituary clip rolled on, Jackie O, who was listening to it for the first time, became more and more upset and burst into tears.

When the package finished, a concerned Harris asked the crying KIIS FM host, “are you OK?”

“I didn’t like watching that,” Jackie replied. “That was too real.”

Harris and MacManus later aired the clip on Studio 10, with Harris saying afterwards: “So that was awkward. Didn’t quite go to plan.”

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