Facebook Marketplace ad puts Coon cheese ‘vintage’ packet on sale for $50

In what appears to be a tongue in cheek post, a man has posted an empty packet of ‘vintage’ Coon cheese for sale after it rebranded to Cheer.

Growing criticism that the original name had racist connotations saw the owner’s of the 85-year-old dairy product announce the change last week to the longstanding brand.

Now a Perth man is looking to make some cash from the change – posting the empty packet on Facebook Marketplace and asking for $50.

“Vintage cheese packaging. No longer in circulation, you may have seen these about,” the seller writes on the post.

“Some people found theirs to be racist but I can assure you this one was named after its creator, not under any bad motives.

“One previous owner before me, stored in safely in a fridge.

“Used to access the contense (sic) but is in as new condition.

“Absolutely 100 per cent genuine, can post or deliver within Perth for a fee.”

However, there is a fatal flaw in the man’s plans as the old brand will remain on shelves until July. Shoppers can snap up a full packet of the cheese from supermarkets for between $6 and $8.

The cheese was originally named after “Coon” after American cheese pioneer Edward William Coon who died in 1934, but the word is a racist slur against people of colour.

The American was granted a patent in the US in 1926 for his method of rapidly ripening cheese using humidity and high temperatures. It became known as the “cooning” method.

However, parent company Saputo Dairy Australia said the company had decided to retire the name six months ago after the Black Lives Matter movement swept the globe.

Dr Stephen Hagan, the Indigenous activist who was behind to campaign to change the name, said he copped obscene abuse after the company announced the decision.

Nestle revealed its own rebrand last year with Red Skins set to be known as Red Rippers and Chicos were to become Cheekies.

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