Today we’re going to be hearing from the prosecution as it builds its case for convicting Donald Trump on the single charge brought by the House of Representatives: incitement of insurrection.

The Democratic impeachment managers can use up to 16 hours over the next two days, and no more than eight hours in a single day. Apparently US senators have a strictly defined attention span.

When they’re done, of course, Mr Trump’s defence team will get its turn.

This morning, aides of the impeachment managers spoke to US media, including Politico. They promised never before seen footage from the Capitol riot, which they said would shed new light on the “extreme violence” of Mr Trump’s supporters as they stormed the building, and show how things could have been much worse but for the intervention of law enforcement.

This new footage may have been taken by Capitol security cameras.

“The easiest trials to try are the trials where you have the goods. We have the goods,” one senior aide said.

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