COVID theorist Eve Black living with nuns to get ‘closer to God’

Coronavirus conspiracy theorist Eve Black has revealed on Instagram she’s been living at an orthodox Christian convent in a bid to be “closer to God”.

The former adult entertainer, whose real name is Eve Limberiou, shot to notoriety when she bragged about breaching one of Melbourne’s checkpoints during stage 3 lockdown in another video uploaded on social media.

Six days later she was dragged from her car and handcuffed after again allegedly refusing to comply with police, leaving officers no choice but to smash her window at a traffic stop in Carlton.

During her online rant, Ms Black, of Warrandyte, claimed police were targeting her and had tapped her mobile phone.

But now Ms Black appears to use social media to reveal details about her new religious journey.

On Wednesday she posted a picture of herself wearing a long loose-fitting dress, shawl and cross necklace, saying to dress modestly was to honour God.

“Things that once felt modest no longer do. I’m not saying I’ll never wear anything form fitting ever again … but since my stay in the convent, I’m definitely feeling like I want to continue honouring God by not accentuating my curves so much,” she wrote.

In other posts she revealed how she had been living at a convent with nuns.

“I have been staying in an orthodox convent. It’s super serene … I am feeling very serene,” she said.

“I wanted to spend some time being closer to God and be away from the world and spend some time with some wonderful sisters. Nuns are way cool actually.”

Ms Black is facing numerous charges including alleged traffic offences, failing to produce her licence, failing to provide her name and address and breaches of directives from the chief health officer.

She is scheduled to appear at the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court next month.

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