Correct way to use toilet cleaner according to viral TikTok video

You know those coloured blocks you hook over your toilet seat to clean your loo every time you flush?

Well it turns out, we’ve been using them all wrong.

Social media has been lit up over the weekend with a flurry of videos claiming that hanging the block over the side of your toilet and inside the bowl is the “wrong” way to use the cleaning item.

Instead, the hook is pushed up and under the rim of the bowl, which secures it in place without having the hook on show.

The unusual technique also means that the toilet seat can rest snugly on top.

Fabian Coghetto, an Australian who shared the “household hack” said it took him “27 years to figure this out”.

“It slots up inside instead of hanging over,” he wrote, along with a face palm emoji.

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His video has been viewed 1.6 million times and has almost 2000 comments since it was shared Sunday.

Many thought the trick was “mind blowing” while others cast doubt over whether the item was meant to be used in the position claimed.

“I really don’t think that’s the way it’s supposed to go,” one person said.

“No thanks, I’ll keep doing the old way; it’s a lot cleaner,” another stated.

While one asked: “But how do you get it out without touching it?”

Another TikTok user @maca_official – who shared an almost identical video on Saturday that has amassed almost six million views – went into further detail, revealing the cleaning block stays put when flushed.

The revelation helped win people over, with many declaring they had “always known I was doing it wrong”.

“OMG so literally been doing it wrong the past 20 years or so,” one person said.

“I knew I was doing it wrong,” another added.

“Haha OMG I’ve been doing it wrong for so long,” someone else agreed.

“Wow you learn something new every day,” one guy wrote.

While one person declared: “TikTok is truly life changing.”

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