Coles joins Heart Foundation to launch Healthier Living campaign, backed by Sally Pearson

Olympic champion Sally Pearson has joined Coles and the Heart Foundation to help make healthier living easier and more affordable.

As part of the Coles Healthier Living campaign starting today – 28 days of up to 50 per cent discounts on health food items, double Flybuys points and access to advice and recipes – world champion hurdler Pearson and some of Australia’s best athletes will deliver valuable fitness tips.

It comes after Coles joined the Heart Foundation to undertake its biggest wellbeing survey, finding one third of Australians rate their general health and wellbeing poorly.


While almost two-thirds of Aussies consider their diet to be healthy, only 14 per cent are meeting the daily requirement of five serves of vegetables, the survey found.

Coles Chief Marketing Officer Lisa Ronson said one in two survey respondents believed healthy food was expensive and one in four felt planning a healthy meal took too much time.

“Through Coles Healthier Living we’re showing customers that you can create easy, delicious and healthy meals using fresh seasonal produce and key healthy staples that are affordable,” Ms Ronson said.

“We’re also rewarding our customers for making these healthier choices with double Flybuys points across fresh fruit and veg.”

Pearson said a simple way to start adopting healthy habits was to think of ways to swap existing ones.

“An easy way to start is to adopt the ‘swaps’ habit, when you feel like a chocolate bar, ‘swap’ it for a health bar or fruit,” she said.

“If you intend to sit in front of the TV for three hours, ‘swap’ one of those hours for a brisk walk. Do this and you are well on your way to kickstarting a healthier lifestyle.”

Heart Foundation Group CEO, Adjunct Professor John Kelly, said they hoped free and easy health recipes would make it easier for people to get on board the campaign.

“Through our heart-healthy recipes, we’re offering 28 days of easy, tasty meal ideas and tips as a positive way to support people’s health and wellbeing,” Professor Kelly said.

“Evidence shows a poor diet can lead to an increase in several risk factors for heart disease, like being overweight, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Heart disease is the single leading cause of death in Australia.

“The good news is that adding more fresh vegetables, fruit, wholegrains and healthy proteins like fish, beans or smaller amounts of lean animal products to your plate are some of the best ways to support your heart. Healthy eating is a pattern over time but making some simple changes can help people live well for longer.”

Over the 28-days of the campaign, Coles customers can access healthier products for less, inspiration through healthy recipes, fitness tips and expert advice, all supported by its partnerships with the AFL, the Heart Foundation, Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation and The Resilience Project.

Free Healthier Living recipes booklets will also be available for customers in store and online.



*Online only

Feb 10 – 50% off Wellness Road Range + Double Flybuys points

Feb 11 – 50% off all Coles Gluten Free Bakery Products

Feb 12 – 10 x Flybuys points on selected Olive Oils

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Feb 14 – 20% of all Weetbix and Red Tractor Range

Feb 15 – 10 x Flybuys points on 5 star lean mince

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