Celeste Barber’s video ‘clears Woolworths shelves’ of $12 MCoBeauty Mega Balm | Alds

Celeste Barber’s video ‘clears Woolworths shelves’ of $12 MCoBeauty Mega Balm

She’s known for her hilarious parodies of celebrity photos – but if Celeste Barber ever fancies giving up her comedy work, she’s proved she can make it as a beauty influencer.

The 38-year-old shared a make-up tutorial “no body wanted or needed” on Monday using her seven favourite MCoBeauty products from Woolworths after recently being unveiled as the Australian brand’s newest ambassador.

After posting the funny yet helpful video to Instagram, shoppers flooded the supermarket’s aisles and “cleared out shelves” of the vegan, cruelty-free brand’s stock.

One shopper even shared footage inside a store showing barely anything left in the MCoBeauty section, writing: “Celeste Barber, look what you’ve done.”

But the mum-of-two is taking her successful foray into the beauty biz in her stride.

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“I don’t have anything against influencers, but I am not one,” she said on Tuesday morning at the official launch of her own “edit” of 28 limited-edition products for the brand.

“I’m a fan of the brand, I used it before I began working with them.”

In true Celeste style, she recalled stumbling across the brand when her kids – who are now nine and a six – were babies with the humour the world has come to know her for.

“I remember when they were babies I would be walking through Woolworths crying, eating, crying, going to the beauty section to get nappies for the kids and seeing MCo and thinking ‘that looks awesome’,” she said.

“It was cheap, I had no money, and when I used it, I thought, ‘This is the t*ts.’”

The brand’s owner Shelley Sullivan, said response to Celeste has been huge, particularly in the last 24 hours since she shared her relatable make-up video.

“Celeste literally cleared out the shelves in Woolworths, with sales up 500 per cent in stores after her tutorial,” Shelley said on Tuesday morning.

“She’s bullsh*t free beauty, she’s real and she’s now a tutorial expert, and that’s why so many people love her.”

A Woolworths spokesperson told news.com.au the ‘Celeste Effect’ is real, confirming stock had been snapped up following a huge spike in sales on Monday.

“Yesterday we saw a spike in sales for MCoBeauty, with a 520 per cent growth vs this time last year,” the spokesperson said,

“We have more stock in our distribution centres being sent to stores in the days ahead.”

In the now viral make-up tutorial – which garnered the attention of iconic Hollywood actress Sharon Stone who dubbed it the “freaking best” – Celeste raves about the brand’s new Mega Balm All-Over Ointment, which retails for $12.

“I love that stuff, I put it on straight up, it’s super hydrating and smells really delicious,” she said.

As well as using it on her lips, Celeste recommends using it on “your dry bits” such as your “crusty elbows” and said it is also “good for babies bums”.

“Just remember, do it on your lips and then on the bum, not the other way around,” she joked.

Fans have compared the ointment to much more expensive versions, with some revealing on social media the salve had helped ease their “maskne” symptoms – a common side-effect from wearing face masks.

Celeste also caused the $24 XtendLash tubular mascara to sell out, stressing it was something every make-up lover needed in their collection.

“It’s so good and doesn’t give you panda eyes,” she said.

As well as recommending her favourite seven products from the brand’s core range, Celeste has also created 28 limited-edition products that hit Woolies shelves on March 10.

The edit includes a selection of stick on face gems, a lip balm that you attach to your phone and lip sleep mask that looks very similar to the cult favourite by Korean brand Laniege.

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More than 120 local celebrities and influencers attended the Sydney event including fellow brand ambassador Jules Sebastian, former reality star Martha Kalifatidis and STAX co-owner and beauty influencer Matilda Murray.

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