Celeste Barber announced as face of MCoBeauty, sparking Woolworths chaos

Australian comedian Celeste Barber raised over $50 million for bushfire relief last year after calling on her social media followers.

But it seems there’s no limits to the power of “The Celeste Effect” – with her latest Instagram post sparking chaos in the aisles of Woolworths.

The relatable parody queen was recently unveiled as the new face of vegan, cruelty-free beauty brand MCoBeauty and took to Instagram to share her favourite products.

“Honestly, I’m the last person who should be giving beauty advice, so I won’t,” she said.

“All I’ll say is I’m absolutely obsessed with the products. The XtendLash tubular mascara is the best I’ve ever tried.”

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She also sung the praises of the brand’s new Miracle Hydra Glow Oil-Free Foundation ($28) and Instant Camouflage & Contour Concealer ($22), describing them as “the absolute tits”.

Within hours of posting her top tips, the 38-year-old had sent hordes of shoppers to Woolworths where MCoBeauty is stocked – and shelves have been wiped out.

“People are going crazy over our new products,” MCoBeauty creator Shelley Sullivan told news.com.au’s The Beauty Diary.

“We’re getting feedback that people are going into Woolworths and the stock has already gone, so our product and warehouse team have been working around the clock to make sure the shelves are restocked as soon as possible.”

Ms Sullivan added it comes as no surprise Celeste “resonated with our existing customers”, adding she has also caused a surge in interest from the US where she has a huge fan base.

“We have been strategising our entry into the US market with MCoBeauty for a while now, so this is particularly exciting,” she said.

While more stock is expected to hit in Woolies stores in about a week, those lucky to have snagged the items have been sharing their thoughts online.

“It feels like a miracle second skin,” one Instagram user declared about the new foundation.

Others praised the concealer, which “MCoBeauty’s customers are calling a direct dupe of Tarte’s $42 Shape Tape”.

So what do we think of these two new budget beauty products? I’ve shared my thoughts below and also listed a couple of other MCoBeauty favourites in my make-up bag.


Available at Woolworths and mcobeauty.com

Price: $28

If you’re someone who likes a lighter foundation with a glowy finish, you are going to love this. It has an oil-free, water-based formula that’s ideal for anyone with sensitive skin or those who battle with congestion. It’s also full of skin-loving ingredients, including hyaluronic acid to add moisture and camomile to calm. The result is a super lightweight product that gives a soft, satin finish while allowing your skin to breathe. The other things I love about this foundation is how easy it is to use. Unlike products with fuller coverage, you can whack this on using just your fingers and don’t need to spend ages buffing it in with a sponge (though you totally can if you want of course). Throughout the day I don’t find it settling in my creases or rubbing off easily – and it comes with a primer which you can apply before to help keep it in place even longer. The tube is little, but you don’t need much. This foundation has become the product I turn to when I just need a little freshen up but don’t want a full face. I love it.


Available at Woolworths and mcobeauty.com

Price: $22

Who doesn’t love a concealer? Considering MCoBeauty are openly saying this baby is a “direct dupe” of Tarte’s Shape Tape which is so loved by users, it’s been described as “life saving” – so you can see why this cheaper version has been getting a lot of attention. The first thing I noticed was the packaging is strikingly similar to the OG with a similar patterned lid and generous applicator. The MCoBeauty product is also just as impressive to use as it is in likeness. It’s lightweight, brightening and hides dark spots better than my trusty ring light. It also doesn’t cake or crease, particularly under the eyes, a spot where other concealers often fall short. I’ve tried the brand’s previous concealer that was released last year and this is far superior and worth spending more on. I’ve found it’s really versatile too, working just as well under my eyes as it does to cover redness or a fresh pimple on my nose, cheek and chin. Can definitely see why Celeste has been frothing over this one.


Available at Woolworths and mcobeauty.com

Price: $10

This item has been “flying off the shelves” since it was released in 2019 for good reason – the juicy tints are super pigmented and give striking colour. A little goes a very long way, and it can be used on your lips, cheeks and even eyelids. I’ve been enjoying dabbing it on my cheekbone and blending with a brush for a lovely rosy glow.

A few Aussie reality stars turned influencers like Florence Alexandra and Tayla Damir have been raving about this brand for months now, which explains why I see it all the time. Not only is it cheap, but it’s also vegan and cruelty free.


Available at Woolworths and mcobeauty.com

Price: $10

This mini eyeshadow palette is a brilliant dupe of the popular M. A. C X 9 and gives the price a real run for its money. The smoky, nude shades that blend easily together and wear well from day to night too, which I love. I’ve found there’s a little bit of fallout which is a bit annoying but because of the price it’s something I can easily look past. It’s a great for chucking in your handbag too.

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