Porn giant Mindgeek has targeted yet another porn site and another hosting site as both sites are chasing hundreds of millions of dollars. The lawsuit argues that encouraging users to earn higher posting limits comes with a financial reward. MindGeek claimed in the lawsuit that the system for monetizing violations on YesPornPlease may not be clear to the general observer. MG Premium’s complaint alleged that YesPornPlease is a pirated site, offering copyrighted adult entertainment content without permission or license.

YesPornPlease is a porn site that has at least 100 million missing users per month after a complaint was posted by MG Premium, a subsidiary of Mindgeek. A notice was filed under the MG Premium Digital Millennium Copyright Act in the year 2019 in September against the porn site and hosting site The meeting requires the security and key assignment information of the Cloudflare DDoS platform of both sites, including information such as website operator names, physical addresses, IP addresses, telephone numbers, user history, along with the date of publication , etc. Read more

MG Premium has now filed a full lawsuit in the Washington courthouse, claiming the behavior that led to this claim is terrible and thoughtful. Respondents own and operate websites dedicated to copying and distributing counterfeit audiovisual works. D]efendants are directly involved and are known to smuggle tens of thousands of pirated assets under the pretext of acting as distributors of user-generated content. Furthermore, although the defendants are not service providers, they are not involved in the storage of the content under the supervision of the users and therefore are not entitled to any of the guarantees provided by Article 512 of the Digital 9illennium Copyright Act.

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