Big W selling cheap Nike running shoes for as low as $40

It’s one of the most popular sneaker brands that you can easily end up paying upwards of $100 for – but Big W is selling Nike shoes at a heavily discounted rate.

One woman shared in the Big W Mums Australia Facebook group how she had picked up two children’s pairs at her local store for a bargain price.

“Not sure if any of you know, but Big W now sell Nike,” she wrote. “I’m guessing it’s for school but still how awesome they’re only $55.”

While it’s not the first time Big W has sold discounted Nike runners, it was a new discovery for plenty of shoppers, with the post attracting hundreds of comments from other mums in disbelief over the price.

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One even expressed disappointment after paying $70 for the exact same children’s runners at another store.

“I got those plain black ones not from Big W and paid more,” another mum commented.

“They look awesome,” one person wrote.

“My son has the black pair. He loves them,” another said.

Others pointed out the store had adult men’s Nike runners available for $70, while others said their Big W had kid’s versions for $10 cheaper.

“The pink and black ones were $45 at my Big W,” one person commented.

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Some people commented the impressive deal was “too good to be true”.

Nike runners first hit Big W last year, selling some pairs for as little as $40 with shoppers saying they “didn’t believe” the price at first.

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