Beau Ryan’s battle to put on weight in 2021

Beau Ryan, the former rugby league star and host of Amazing Race Australia, has a problem that many of us would love to grapple with — he needs to put on weight.

If that sounds frustrating to you, as you self-consciously drop your eyes down to your own waistline, then just wait for his reasoning.

The problem, you see, is that he’s “a bit too lean”.

Just filming the Amazing Race, let alone being a contestant, can be physically draining, as it turns out, and Ryan, 36, is determined to hit the gym to get back in shape. A slightly bigger shape.

“One of my goals for 2021 is to put on two kilograms,” Ryan explains.

“I lost weight on the race and it’s slowly coming back, but I’m still looking a bit too lean.

“I like weights. I lose weight quickly, which is torture if you’re a rugby league player trying to gain weight, so I’m all about gaining muscle mass.”

Ryan, who is almost as famous for his comedic stylings with his “Beau Knows” segment on The Footy Show as he was for his fleet-footed ability on the field with the Sharks and the Tigers, had a challenging year in 2020, as everyone did, but he says the time in isolation with his family taught him a few things, and left him determined to do things differently this year.

“The biggest lesson was that my son, Jesse, who’s three, isn’t built for isolation. Neither am I for that matter,” he laughs.

“In 2021, I want to get my family to spend more time outdoors. We are out in the fresh air quite a bit, but we want to spend more time outside.”

Focusing on healthy eating is something that’s always a priority in the Ryan household, unsurprisingly, and the must-haves in his fridge are not likely to include things like chocolate or ice cream.

“My son is addicted to those little Yakult drinks, my daughter, Remi, loves mango, my wife loves kombucha and I like natural yoghurt – oh, and sparkling water, our fridge is full of it,” he says.

“And we all love avocados. Just not when they’re $4 each, like they are now.”



“I eat a high protein and a high-fat diet. We burn a lot of calories in our house, especially trying to keep up with my son, Jesse.”


“I like reading the Bible. It centres me.”

Morning routine

“I have a long black then I train. I can’t function until I have coffee. Some say I’m addicted. They would be right.”

Life advice

“Nothing is ever as good or bad as it seems.”


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