Australian mum furious over school lunch box ban

An Australian mother has taken to Facebook to share her frustration after her daughter was banned from eating her school lunch.

The woman explained that her little girl came home with a full packed lunch — which included a packet of chips and a yoghurt.

In the post, which she shared to the Facebook group Lunch box Ideas Australia, the mother admitted she forgot to order food from the canteen.

But after asking her daughter if she ate the morning and afternoon tea, she was shocked to hear her teachers didn’t allow her to eat it – and instead just ate a banana and sandwich the entire day.

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“Just picked my daughter up from school and as I’ve asked her about her day, she has reminded me that I forgot to order her tuckshop. I’m so disappointed with myself,” the woman explained.

“I asked her if she just ate what I had packed her for morn/arvo tea? But she told me that she only ate her banana, as she was told that she couldn’t eat the rest of her lunch as it was sweets and she’s not allowed sweets.”

She went on to say the situation has left her upset and frustrated and asked the more than 150,000 group members if she was overreacting.

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“When we’ve arrived home, I’ve seen she also has a brown tuckshop bag with the remnants of a Vegemite sandwich,” the mother added.

“So thanks heaps to the teacher for organising that for me. But a banana and sandwich today, is all she had …

“As far as I am aware there is no school policy or guideline as to what should or shouldn’t be packed.

“Am I overreacting? Or would you be as furious as I am,” the mother asked.

Her post has attracted hundreds of ‘likes’ and comments from fellow parents agreeing that the situation would have also left them annoyed.

“I’d definitely be upset! I get some schools are trying to encourage healthy eating but what the heck, were they going to let her starve,” one woman wrote.

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Focusing on reducing child obesity figures around the country, each state government has enforced its own healthy eating and drinking strategy which acts as a guide for tuckshops on what to serve and what not to serve its students.

However, many parents responded to the mum’s post saying that the school shouldn’t have intervened – and if so, should have handled the situation better.

“No way you’re not overreacting! I’d be chatting with the teacher Monday. The teacher should’ve let her eat this and then spoken with you after school if she felt the food was not appropriate,” one woman said, while another added, “You have every right to be annoyed. If be angry with the school too. It’s not up to them what your child eats.”

However, others encouraged the mother to talk to the school before “jumping to conclusions”.

“I think it warrants a conversation before you go all scorched earth,” one woman wrote.

“My son came home one day and told me he wasn’t allowed a certain food, and after lots of probing I realised it was actually another child who said it to him, not the teacher.”

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