Australia Post’s $39 bra and Flippity Fish cat toy sold out

Popping in to pick up a parcel from Australia Post isn’t anything out of the ordinary, but what is unusual are some of the items tens of thousands of people are buying from its stores.

For a start, who knew you could grab a bra while at the post office? It’s actually been one of its bestsellers, with more than 15,000 of the SaraMia Bra — described as soft comfortable bra that conforms to your body — flying off shelves for $39.95.

Then there’s the popular cat toy that customers couldn’t buy fast enough.

Known as the Flippity Fish, the $24.95 cat toy looks like a real life fish and wiggles when touched. It was sold out within two weeks of landing in Australia Post with more than 8,000 snapped up. The nation’s post office is scrambling to find out when they can get more in stock.

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Australia Post has also dipped its toes into one of the must have gadgets that has been creeping into Aussie kitchens, selling almost 15,000 air fryers in the past three months ranging in price from $79 to $129.

It seems customers aren’t so keen on going completely cashless either, with Australia Post’s [email protected] money box for $4.99 sitting in 26,000 Aussie homes.

There are many surprising requests for products to be stocked in the local post office, said Nicole Sheffield, executive general manager of community and consumer at Australia Post.

“I think that the post office is like the general store in many towns,” she explained. “There isn’t a JB Hi Fi to get a gadget or phone from or a Kmart to find an air fryer that is affordable. Our products are affordable and we have millions of customers visiting post office shops to send or pick up a parcel and when they get there they see a broad range of products and services.”

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She said the bras had been sold to rave reviews, while televisions, printers and cooking products have become popular since COVID-19 hit.

“We have seen a lot of growth in puzzles and kids toys that people can spend time on at home,” she said. “A lot of products that have post heritage are also very popular.”

Other popular items have been smart gadgets to help simply your life, Ms Sheffield added.

“We sell a lot of different drill mates, contour pillows, different grooming products, a flexible mirror — different things like that which are unusual — and the pillow pads, so you can rest a tablet or device on your lap,” she said.

Ranges made in Australia by local producers are also a big focus for the post office.

“We have seen a lot of people move out of cities and move into suburban and regional towns and we feel we have a role to play to celebrate that by offering Australian products,” she said. “We had the [Australian children’s author and cartoonist] May Gibbs range of tea towels, cups and saucers that sold exceptionally well.”

Other big Australian bestsellers included the Tanya Kalantry range, a QLD artist known for her Australian floral prints which featured on aprons, tea towels, coffee mugs and water bottles, alongside Australian themed packaging by designer Jocelyn Proust.

Featuring Australian designers and artists and sustainable products will continue to be a big focus in 2021.

The merchandising team at Australia Post is also looking at home appliances with exclusive ranges in designer finishes and colours — building on last year’s air fryer and TV successful products — as well as impulse ranges and private label products for gifting.

There were 23.7m customer visits to post offices across the country in December, while Australia Post supports a $10.6 billion e-commerce market through its delivery and post office networks, according to Deloitte Access Economics.

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