Aunt Jodie’s handy evolution guidebook for children is born

    Today we travelled to Adelaide, Australia, and talked to Jordan Bell about psychology, music, crowdfunding and nature hiking. When my daughter was born, I knew I wanted to make sure she had a book that inspired her to love science as much as I did. Today I live in Adelaide, Australia, and I am a professor of psychology at the School of Psychology at the University of Adelaide. 

    aunt Jodie handy evolution guidebook

    Aunt Jodie’s guide to evolution is aimed at children between the ages of 7 and 11 and explains the basics and key scientific concepts in an entertaining and engaging way. Not just a boring bedtime story, this scientific adventure about the ancient past uses words and concepts that are as relevant to today’s world as they were in the past, making learning the basics of evolution fun and engaging. Perfect for parents who want to get children from 7 to 11 years of age excited about the natural sciences, start their children’s scientific education early, or are looking for a female role model for scientific children. 

    For anyone new to science, Aunt Jodie’s guide also includes an easy-to-read glossary explaining the scientific terms used in the book and how to pronounce them. She is currently working on her first book, which she calls “Aunt Jodie’s Guide to Climate Change,” as well as a series of books for children and adults. 

    The Guide to Evolution explains the science behind evolution in a fun science adventure. It gives children a deeper understanding of the key concepts that underlie the theory of evolution, using real science. 

    Although the work unsurprisingly discusses the theory of evolution as opposed to sexual selection, it does so in an easily comprehensible and spiritually digestible way. If you remember, or perhaps enjoy, this series, you will enjoy Aunt Jodie’s guide to evolution. 

    In fact, the debate guide and the definitions on the back will ensure that every primary school child will undoubtedly capture the material that is at the heart of the work. 

    In order to make this project a reality, Jordan needed the support of an illustrator, and here the project stalled due to a lack of funding and limited time. The book hung in the balance until a workshop she attended in 2017, at which she made a verbal commitment to take it forward. Jordan supplied the words to bring the book to life, and then had it reviewed by a professor of paleontology to ensure it was correct and complete. 

    After deciding to turn Aunt Jodie’s guide to evolution into something that could be published, Jordan went in search of an illustrator and told everyone she knew that she was looking for one. Aunt Jodie, who is a scientist, is very interested in the evolution of her niece and nephew. 

    To be part of the project, you can contribute to the creation of this exciting book, written and illustrated by some impressive South Australians. The crowdfunding campaign starts today and will run until the book’s release in May, when we reach our goal. If people want to contribute more through the crowdfund, there is also an online auction where you can have one copy and then donate two or three to schools in lower socio-economic areas, “says Jordan. 

    Aunt Jodie’s Guide to Evolution is a book about the evolution of all living things and the importance of science-based storytelling. Sophie and Matt are followed by 56 pages of chapters, and we couldn’t come up with a child-friendly book that presents our own version of the world’s beginnings. 

    The adventure of learning about the work of Charles Darwin will guide you in the study of inheritance, variation, and selection. You learn by exploring the history of evolution, from the origins of life on earth to the evolution of humanity. 

    For anyone new to science, Aunt Jodie’s guide also includes an easy-to-read glossary explaining the scientific terms used in the book and how to pronounce them. Not just a boring bedtime story, the scientific adventure from the past makes learning the basics of evolution fun and engaging, using words and concepts that are familiar to children and adults alike, but also new ones. 

    So give your child the gift of knowledge and prepare them for a lifetime of success in STEM subjects. Learn the science behind the origins of life on Earth, the evolution of plants and animals, and the history of the universe. 

    So give your child the gift of knowledge and prepare them for a successful life in STEM subjects. For anyone new to science, Aunt Jodie’s guide also includes an easy-to-read glossary explaining the scientific terms used in the book and how to pronounce them. 

    When I searched the Internet for books about women in STEM subjects, I found a book I had never heard of but had never found before: Aunt Jodie’s Guide to Evolution, a children’s book about the evolution of the universe. As the young granddaughter of a grounded intellectual, she wanted to share her love of science with her family and friends by curating a children’s book that celebrates the efforts of women in science. 

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