Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter Dannielynn Birkhead visits home in 20/20 special

Dannielynn Birkhead was only a baby when her famous mother, Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith, died of an accidental drug overdose aged just 39.

The now 14-year-old, whose father is photographer Larry Birkhead, has lived largely out of the spotlight, a stark contract to her mother’s life.

But Dannielynn is set to make a rare feature in a US 20/20 TV special Tragic Beauty, where she sets off on finding out more about Anna Nicole.

Joined by her dad Larry, the duo visit Mexia, Texas, where Anna Nicole spent most of her childhood before she shot to fame.

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“They meet her high school friend and see the places she frequented before becoming famous,” a press release reads.

“Dannielynn sees for the first time some of Anna Nicole’s memorabilia from her life and career, tucked away in a storage locker following her death.”

Meanwhile Larry tells the camera, “Dannielynn’s a teenager now, and she doesn’t really know a ton of things about her mum.

“As a dad who has a child whose mum’s passed away, I thought, “Why not go back to Anna’s beginnings?’ To be really honest, I didn’t know a whole lot about Anna, you know, her early years.”

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The two-hour program also features interviews with Anna Nicole’s closest friends and family and never-before-seen videos.

Anna Nicole’s son Daniel died of an accidental overdose in 2006 while visiting her in hospital, where she had just days earlier given birth to Dannielynn. He was 20.

Anna Nicole died the following year.

Around the same time, questions about Dannielynn’s real father were dominating tabloids.

In an interview on CNN’s Larry King Live, Anna Nicole’s personal lawyer Howard K. Stern said he had been intimate with his client for “a very long time” and he was confident that he was the father of the baby.

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Larry maintained that he was the baby’s father and filed a lawsuit to determine the paternity.

Dannielynn’s birth certificate recorded the father as Stern, however a Bahamian judge ruled that DNA tests established Larry as the father.

In an interview in 2019, Larry told DailyMailTV he doesn’t hide anything about their family history from his daughter, but does his best to protect her from negativity.

“[Dannielynn] knows just really that her mum was famous and she knows about Daniel,” Larry revealed.

“I try to incorporate both of them because sometimes Daniel gets forgotten.

“We try to talk about him and I shared a birthday with him, so we always celebrated together.

“You know, I tell her stories about them and I try to not make it heavy because she’s just now becoming a teenager and I think some of that stuff will come.

“That’s the thing, there’s so many bad things that people say and rarely do you hear the good things she did for charities and different people.

“Those are the stories I like to tell, you know? Not the ones you see in the checkout stand.”

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