American woman ‘wrong’ about Aussie slang, culture

An American expat living in Melbourne has caused huge confusion after claiming sultanas are known as raisins in her home country.

Lara Fourie, 18, moved with her family to the Victorian capital three years ago and has made a name for herself on TikTok comparing the different aspects of her life in Melbourne to her life Houston, Texas.

But her latest observation about the differences in the two countries’ name for dried grapes has been criticised by Australians.

Lara said they’re called sultanas Down Under while the exact same item are known as raisins in the US.

Many locals were quick to point out that we also have raisins and they’re a different fruit, labelling Lara “misinformed”.

But the teenager is in fact correct. Let us explain.

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Sultanas are the most common dried grapes grown in Australia. Sultanas are a seedless grape that’s dried on the vine, which are sprayed with a natural drying oil at time of harvest to fast-track the drying process according to Australian Premium Dried Fruits (APDF).

A sultana has a light base colour and is characterised as “plump and juicy”.

But while we (and our mates in the UK) call them sultanas, they are actually known as raisins in the US which is where the confusion lies, according to a report by


While many commenters rightfully said “raisins are different to sultanas”, they were wrong in stating Lara was misinformed.

Raisins in Australia are a seeded grape that goes through a deseeding process once dried to remove the seeds ready for sale, according to

They are made from a Muscat Gordo Blanco or a Waltham Cross grape which have a unique sweet, muscat flavour that’s strong – and the grape is visibly larger.

Australia is also the only country in the world that produces this style of dried grape.

So there is no equivalent of Australian raisins anywhere else in the world.


In the video – Lara’s tenth dedicated to listing the differences between her two homes – the teenager also states colouring pens are known as “markers” in America and “texters” in Australia, however many rightfully pointed out the correct term is “textas”.

She also claimed the nutritional value of food is measured in calories in America while, saying we follow kilojoules in Australia.

This also riled people up with many stating they have “never heard” of kilojoules and always go by the calorie amount marked on packaging.

“You’ve got a lot to learn, it’s textas and we have calories,” one said.

“I’m from Australia and when I look at the packaging it always has calories. I never see kilojoules,” another agreed.

“It’s not spelled like textER, it’s textA,” another stated.

In the past Lara has pointed out differences in fast food, revealing American cup sizes and portions are “way bigger” with McDonald’s diners in the US also getting “free refills”.

She’s also shared a video listing things she wished she knew before moving to Australia, citing expensive avocados and men with long hair as some of her qualms.

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