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Alex Jones regrets meeting Donald Trump, Roger Stone, claims his followers ‘buy anything’

Footage has emerged of InfoWars conspiracist and misinformation manufacturer Alex Jones saying he “wished I would’ve never f***ing met” Donald Trump or his one-time adviser Roger Stone, while also taking credit for landing him in office.

He also allegedly boasted of making “millions” selling “d**k pills” to Trump followers who would “buy anything”.

The footage was filmed in January 2019 during the making of the documentary You Can’t Watch This, about people who have been deplatformed or “cancelled” online.

“It’s the truth and I’m just going to say it,” Mr Jones said. “I wish I never would have f***ing met Trump, I wish it never would have happened.”

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He said it wasn’t because of the “attacks” that he’s been through since, but because “I’m so sick of f***ing Donald Trump”.

“God, I’m f***ing sick of him,” Mr Jones continues as he sips from a drink.

He also claimed Mr Trump and seasoned Republican operator Mr Stone were both “time-space continuum reflections” of the “third big change” Mr Jones would be a part of, which he claims was getting Mr Trump in office.

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Alex Jones’ rose to prominence spreading misinformation and conspiracy theories during the Barack Obama Administration, but threw his support behind Mr Trump in the 2016 race and continued supporting him after his election.

Mr Jones’ comments made their way online after being leaked to the Southern Poverty Law Centre’s (SPLC) Hatewatch blog by filmmaker Caolan Robertson, whom Mr Jones hired to shoot the documentary.

After making a number of propaganda films, Mr Robertson has supposedly “disavowed the far-right and told Hatewatch he is working to undo the damage he did while producing propaganda for extremists such as (Mr) Jones”.

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The SPLC said the out-take of Mr Jones was “emblematic of his cynical business model”.

“Alex Jones doesn’t care about most of the stuff he professes to,” Mr Robertson told Hatewatch.

“It just shows he doesn’t care about anything he talks about. He doesn’t like Trump but then goes on camera talking about how Trump is the saviour.”

Mr Robertson alleged Mr Jones took delight in belittling his audience who would “buy anything” including “d**k pills” (Mr Jones’ InfoWars company also sold supplements, which lab analyses have characterised as mostly harmless but also mostly useless).

In March last year, he was also selling toothpastes, supplements and other things you’d find at your local chemist as coronavirus treatments, before the New York Attorney-General Letitia James ordered him to stop.

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The documentary the footage emerged from features a selection of online personalities that were for one reason or another “cancelled”.

Alex Jones was removed from Facebook in 2018 for repeatedly violating the social media platform’s policies, but not before Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg reportedly intervened to soften his punishment.

Other subjects in the documentary include Laura Loomer, who was also kicked off social media platforms for spreading hate speech, like when she retweeted an article claiming 2000 migrants had died crossing the Mediterranean Sea and said “Good, here’s to 2000 more”.

Disavowed Vice co-founder and Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes, who was “judged to be of bad character” when Australia denied him a visa in 2018, also features in the documentary.

Proud Boys were among the group of Trump supporters who stormed the US Capitol building on January 6 in a bid to stop the confirmation of votes that made Joe Biden president, whipped into a frenzy by claims the election had been stolen from Donald Trump by figures including Mr Trump, Mr Stone and Mr Jones.

“They have tried to steal this election in front of everyone,” Mr Jones told the crowd the night before.

“I don’t know how this is all going to end, but if they want to fight, they better believe they’ve got one.”

The Washington Post reported last month that the US Justice Department and the FBI were investigating what role Mr Jones and Mr Stone may have played in potentially inciting violence or radicalising those who stormed the Capitol, but the likelihood of either facing criminal charges is “distant and uncertain”.

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