Adelaide Woolworths customers lose it over awkward Valentine’s Day sign

Even the most innocent of signs can end up with an unfortunate meaning – which is exactly what has happened in one Adelaide Woolies store.

A photo submitted to Instagram account @justadelaidethings showed a “Happy Valentine’s Day” sign, placed in the fresh fruit section of the Woolworths in the Adelaide suburb of Gawler, right next to a display of cucumbers.

To make matters more awkward, the sign’s arrow was pointing towards the cucumbers leading many people to make an unintended conclusion.

“The perfect Valentine’s Day gift does exist, and it’s just $1 at Gawler Woolworths,” the post was captioned.

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The photo soon attracted dozens of customers from customers who said it was “absolute gold”.

“The perfect gift,” one person joked.

Another person said that it had come “wrapped for your own protection”, while one commenter quipped that all that was missing was “chocolate dip”.

“All the Single Ladies,” one comment read.

But all jokes aside, many couldn’t get over the fact that cucumbers for $1 a pop was a really good deal.

“It is actually a bargain,” one person commented.

Another person tagged their friend and wrote: “If same price at Coles get one.”

It’s not the only accidentally rude thing to go viral recently, with the bookshelf in the background of a woman’s Zoom interview attracting unwanted attention because of one item.

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Yvette Amos was on BBC Wales’ Today program on January 26 to discuss her experiences of unemployment during the pandemic.

But as she spoke of her lockdown woes, people were quick to notice a sex toy among the books behind her.

A screenshot from the interview was shared on Twitter by journalist Grant Tucker, who joked: “Perhaps the greatest guest background on the BBC Wales news tonight,” advising that anyone who appears on TV to “always check your shelves before going on air”.

It didn’t take long for his post to blow up and for viewers of the program to comment.

“If a woman’s home alone in lockdown, she’s gotta do what she’s got to do,” one person responded to the tweet.

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